Portal OTVT.  Preliminary information  on cargo transportation

by road, rail or on-water transport 

New service: triple check of your documents –

triple guarantee of your cargo safety!

  We check your documents at registration, a few hours before the arrival of the composition

and on arrival at the border!

By checking documents for correctness and regularity we speed transit

of your cargo across the border as much as possible,

avoiding uncoupling of cars, downtime and extra expenses!


Special Offer: you save up to 40%!

  • 30 euro instead of 45* for customs declaration of cargo, subject to transit customs clearance procedure.
  • 10 euro instead of 16.5** for preparation and delivery of one package of preliminary information;

* 2323 rubles (without VAT) – charge for customs declaration in the JSC “OAO RZD” (Russian Railways)
** lowest rate offered by other operators



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